Are Illuminati Catacombs Beneath New York’s Finger Lakes Region?

Take a stroll through Rochester’s Mount Hope Cemetery and you’ll spot a sunken garden that some insist has a secret entryway.

Rumor has it that the cemetery’s garden conceals a pathway that leads to hidden catacombs possibly used by members of the Illuminati for human smuggling and the transportation of contraband.

Is this true, or just a wild conspiracy theory? Let’s take a deep dive and find out.

Is the Finger Lakes Region Concealing a Network of Underground Passageways?


The notion that the Finger Lakes of New York state overlay a vast network of subterranean pathways entered the online discourse after pictures of Hunter Biden’s Finger Lakes back tattoo were made public.

Hunter’s mother hails from the Finger Lakes region yet rumors swirled that his back tattoo was a silent homage to the region’s supposed secret catacombs allegedly used by elites for illegal activities.

Take a deep dive into the history of upstate New York and you’ll find its Finger Lakes formed after the melting of massive glaciers in the prehistoric era.

The area’s limestone foundation formed natural caves, some of which resemble catacombs that a growing number of people insist are used to conceal satanic activity.

Mystery Surrounds Rochester’s Mount Hope Cemetery

Search the web for “Finger Lakes catacombs” and you’ll find some information about hidden passageways supposedly accessible through subterranean entrances in downtown Rochester and Mt. Hope Cemetery mausoleums.

Some online users insist the catacomb network is also accessible through Rochester’s High Falls east wall.

Spanning nearly 200 acres of land sculpted by glaciers, Mount Hope Cemetery is the nation’s first-ever municipal cemetery.

The site’s massive stone-cut, bronze-cast mausoleums designed as obelisks, columns, angels and Gothic towers are visually prominent.

Why Some Insist Rochester is Ground Zero for Underground Illuminati Activity

Take a walk through Rochester’s East End and you’ll find niceties including the Strasenburgh Planetarium, the George Eastman House and Tudor style mansions lining East Avenue.

The rise of tech powerhouses such as Kodak, Xerox and Bausch and Lomb enriched the area, creating sharp class divisions as exemplified by home aesthetics throughout the city limits.

Highly imaginative people envision Mount Hope Cemetery mausoleums, the cemetery’s sunken garden and other Finger Lakes access points serving as entryways to expansive underground pathways that connect to power centers used for clandestine meetings away from the public eye.

Use your mind’s eye to explore such possibilities and you’ll conjure up all sorts of disturbing possibilities ranging from secret subterranean human sacrifices to sex slave trafficking and even entire underground cities governed by malevolent elites.

It is only fair to ask: are the elites of Rochester and surrounding Finger Lakes cities concealing insidious activity beneath the visible surface of these seemingly idyllic communities?

Rochester city officials deny that the city has entryways into a vast underground system of tunnels used for nefarious purposes.

Though all cities have some subterranean passageways used for municipal purposes, no pictures of Rochester’s supposed Illuminati tunnels have been published to date.

Continue digging through the vast troves of information published to the web and you’ll find mention of Rochester’s supposedly 30-mile long underground tunnels.

The underground passageways were dug as early as the 1980s in an attempt to redirect sewer overflow and storm water runoff beneath the streets during heavy rainstorms.

City officials have confirmed the construction of the tunnel system using tunnel-boring machinery referred to as “moles” took an entire decade.

The tunnels are 16 feet in diameter with a subterranean depth of nearly 200 feet, stretching all the way from Highland Park’s Warner Castle to the city’s outermost edges.

Though the massive subterranean tunnels are wide enough to accommodate a big rig truck, it appears that they are used for municipal services as opposed to human smuggling.

However, if elites have access to the city’s tunnels or similar catacombs, there is a chance that the mainstream media would not bring that fact to the public’s attention, simply because doing so would jeopardize their careers, personal safety and also the safety of family members.

The Mason Presence in and Around Rochester

Local historians insist the region has Masonic roots with potential ties to nefarious elites.

As an example, the author of Illustrations of Masonry, William Morgan, was unjustly arrested and later abducted in Canandaigua back in 1826 after exposing local Masons.

Historians detail how Morgan exclaimed, “Murder!” after scuffling with Canandaigua authorities yet not a single person fought alongside him in his battle to expose the corruption of the era.

Morgan was forced into a carriage, later spotted in the Fort Niagara region outside of Rochester and allegedly killed.

The unfortunate tale of William Morgan spawned anti-masonry activity throughout the Finger Lakes region.

The silver lining to Morgan’s tragic ending is that his death was not in vain.

Local historians insist the abduction and alleged killing of Morgan was the motivation for the Anti-Masonic Enquirer, an outlet used to highlight corrupt elites allegedly colluding together to gain power over unsuspecting taxpayers.

The anti-Masonic movement even culminated in a political party that eventually consolidated with the Republican party until disbandment in ensuing years.

Finger Lakes Catacombs: True or False?

It appears that Rochester and nearby cities do not have Illuminati catacombs.

Though the Biden family and other elites have ties to the area, Hunter’s controversial Finger Lakes tattoo is merely a means of paying artistic homage to the area where he spent part of his childhood while visiting his mother’s side of the family in Skaneateles.

hunter biden finger lakes tattoo

Though there is certainly some truth to the claim that the Finger Lakes region is laden with far-reaching underground railroad tunnels used to transport fugitive slaves centuries ago, there is no evidence that those passageways are used for illegal activity.

Even if the claim that there is a lengthy tunnel connecting Lake Ontario to Seneca Lake is true, no one has a shred of evidence that the subterranean pathway is used for transporting abducted children, drugs, guns or any other contraband.

Those who still insist elites are operating an extensive underground network used for the smuggling of humans, child abuse, drugs and guns should take pause.

I lived in downtown Rochester and Geneva for four years and did not spot even the slightest sign of underground entrances or nefarious activity of any sort.

Moreover, I walked through the entirety of Rochester’s Mount Hope Cemetery several times in search of entrances to alleged catacombs and other secrets.

Not once did I notice anything out of the ordinary, meaning the sleepy Finger Lakes region of New York probably isn’t used for secret underground activity.

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