Chemtrail Conspiracy: Truth in the Clouds or Pure Myth

Look up at the sky the next time you are outside and you’ll likely spot at least one chemtrail.

From curious onlookers gazing at the sky to fervent believers spreading their message online, the debate over chemtrails continues to swirl.

Are these trails merely harmless water vapor, or do they harbor secret chemical agents used for clandestine government operations?

What was once a conspiracy has now become legitimate: chemtrails are not only real but a threat to the human condition.

The Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory is Rooted in Reality

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It wasn’t long ago when most people shrugged off the chemtrail conspiracy theory as nothing more than an absurdity from lunatics on the fringes of society.

Those who think chemtrails are natural phenomenon and nothing to fear should consider the following fact: Tennessee state government is attempting to ban chemtrails.

Tennessee lawmakers are trying to put an end to the colorful streaks in the sky for good reason: chemtrails are chemical-laden water vapor releases from aircraft above.

Some chemtrails linger for hours during periods of high humidity.

Delve deep into the Tennessee bill and you’ll find the wording references the dangers posed by chemtrails, highlighting how those airborne trails heighten harmful climate emissions.

The bill, SB 2691, passed the Tennessee Senate in April and will now transition to the state’s lawmakers in the House.

Chemtrails Compromise Air, Lungs and More

If you aren’t comfortable with airplanes spraying poisonous chemicals into the atmosphere, you are not alone.

The federal government currently permits such airborne spraying as a component of geoengineering experiments yet those in support of Big Government insist the trails are nothing more than harmless water vapor.

Gullible individuals and academics with conflicts of interest insist water vapor released by airplane engines is hot upon release then cools down after entering the atmosphere.

The argument is that humidity at high altitudes traversed by plane is suitable for spraying as it is serves as the optimal conditions for trails formation.

However, if chemtrails are nothing more than harmless emissions only visible during conditions of high humidity, the Tennessee bill referenced above wouldn’t be halfway toward becoming law.

The language of the bill specifically references chemtrails’ chemical composition that have the potential to alter weather, temperature, sunlight intensity and even human health.

Are Chemtrails a Nefarious Federal Government Ploy?

Though it is impossible to identify every single plane flying through the sky that emits chemtrails, some of those aircraft are owned and operated by the federal government using the public’s taxpayer dollars.

The harsh truth is there is a good chance that Big Brother is spraying chemicals onto an unsuspecting public under the guise of those trails being nothing more than water vapor that condenses and freezes mid-air.

The federal government’s supposed role in chemtrails stems from a 1996 Air Force publication detailing weather manipulation possibilities, often referenced with the acronym of HAARP, an acronym short for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

The paper delves into how modifying the weather might be necessary for military objectives.

If the government is spraying chemtrails into the sky, it is likely doing so for reasons that extend well beyond mere weather modification.

It is possible that our taxpayer dollars are being used to poison us or alter brain chemistry for psychological manipulation.

Those still on the fence about the prospect of governments using chemicals to harm taxpayers need not look any further than the use of chemicals in Great Britain on the general public during the Cold War.

Though few know it, the United States military also with a chemical agent around the same time in an attempt to simulate the impact of a bioweapon attack.

Moreover, the United States military also used poisonous chemicals in the form of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, ultimately sabotaging some of its own troops in the process.

Let’s dig into the types of chemicals that might be falling from the sky.

Chemtrail Components Everyone Should Know About

Conspiracy theorists believe chemtrails contain a plethora of harmful components including everything from aluminum particles to small bits of barium, coronavirus and even human plasma.

In fact, a 2016 paper centering on the analysis of chemtrails highlighted a scientist’s recording of egregiously high levels of barium in the atmosphere where chemtrails were emitted.

Some conspiracy theorists go as far as insisting chemtrails contain airborne vaccine particles transmitted through mere inhalation with the endgame being an alteration of human DNA for malicious purposes.

Others insist the chemtrails compromise DNA to the point that it shortens lifespan and reduces fertility for the overarching purpose of population control.

The Pilots Flying Chemtrail Planes Aren’t Talking

In a just world, those piloting the planes releasing chemtrails would speak out if they were aware that they were flying planes spewing harmful chemicals onto innocent people.

Not a single pilot has acknowledged the intentional release of chemtrails from airplanes, likely because in the cockpit might sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements that trigger significant legal penalties if they were to let the truth out.

Critical thinkers will justifiably highlight the sheer magnitude and extent of such a chemical-spraying program, insisting that at least one person out of the hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands involved in prepping, loading and dispersing the chemicals would squeal.

Keep in mind, government employees are paid well, receive full benefits including retirement and are legally sworn to secrecy.

It is also possible that pilots and aeronautical workers are unaware of the components of the chemtrail mixtures released from the planes they are instructed to fly.

Moreover, there is also a chance that the pilots are enthusiastic about releasing such air trails as they might be a component of a clandestine sun-blocking effort to reduce global warming and ultimately save the planet from ruin through highly complex solar geoengineering.

The Case for Harmless Chemtrails

As stated above, it is possible that chemtrails are nothing more than temporarily frozen water vapor visible at high altitudes due to humidity.

However, if this were the case, how can those who insist chemtrails are harmless explain their different colors?

Take a close look at the next chemtrail you see and you’ll likely notice it is white, grey, beige and possibly several other colors.

The sometimes striking iridescence of chemtrails might be the result of water in the air.

Meteorologists are fond of pointing out that dark clouds result from tightly-packed moisture in the air.

The same phenomenon might occur with iridescent chemtrails when water generated above plane wings during periods of high lift combine with humidity and pressure reduction, creating iridescence when illuminated by the sun.

A Conspiracy Theory No More

The fact that many believe the chemtrail conspiracy theory is somewhat true and 10% of them believe the theory is completely true should give critical thinkers pause.

Based on the facts presented above including the passage of the Tennessee bill to ban chemtrails, it appears that this conspiracy theory might be true.

3 thoughts on “Chemtrail Conspiracy: Truth in the Clouds or Pure Myth”

  1. Sally_Maybloom

    i’ve been reading a lot about this chemtrail stuff & it’s kinda freaking me out. what exactly are in these chemtrails that makes them so dangerous?? i’d like to understand more about the ‘Chemtrail Components Everyone Should Know About’ part. anybody got a simplified breakdown? Agent Johnson, hope you can chime in on this.

    1. Hi Sally, while I can’t speak for Agent Johnson, it’s important to distinguish between actual scientific research and conspiracy theories. Chemtrails, as they are popularly described, lack credible evidence. What might look scary at first can often be explained by environmental science.

  2. CaptainObvious

    Oh great, another ‘Chemtrails are turning the frogs gay’ saga. So, we’re back on this train, are we? I’ll grab the popcorn. But seriously, do people still buy into this whole chemtrail theory? Last time I checked, my lungs were doing just fine. Agent Johnson, looking forward to the next exposé on how flat the Earth is.

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